African Partnership/Sister Parish

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100% of all gifts support our St. Olaf Sister Parish Partnership.

St. Olaf parish community continues our commitment through donations to African Partnership / Sister Parish Relationship:

Student tuition, uniform and lunches for secondary, day or boarding school, and advanced education for students accepted into college or technical schools. Scholarships are granted to students from at least six schools within African Partnership / Sister Parish boundaries / territory in Busia, Mwari, Kakurikit, and Kiamwangi.

Emergency requests from partners, such as building maintenance and upkeep, will be granted as needed in Busia, Bulanda, Mwari, Kakurikit, and Ojamii.

Supporting the St. Olaf African Ministry
Please make checks payable to “St. Olaf African Partnership”. Drop it in the collection basket, or bring/mail to the parish office: St. Olaf Catholic Church, 215 S. 8th Street, Minneapolis MN 55402. Gifts may be given at anytime of the year.  Thank you!

Scholarship Gift Cards
Another way we support the African Partnership Scholarship Program throughout the
year. Scholarship Gift Cards are available from the parish office for any special occasion (birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, etc.). Call 612-332-7471 to order Gift Cards or more information.

St.Olaf Catholic Church and the Catholic Church of the villages of Busia, Bulanda, Mwari, Kakurikit, Kiamwangi, and Ojamii in Kenya are responding to our baptismal call to service through our partnership and servant-leadership. We are committed to welcoming and receiving one another as Christ as we embrace a mutual spiritual journey of sharing gifts, talents, needs and resources. We respectfully seek to understand one another and grow together in solidarity as we work and pray to build strong, healthy, and sustainable communities.

~ Develop a growing understanding of what it means to be in partnership through education, good communication skills, and frequent study, reflection and discussion on recommended readings.

~ Strive always to be Christ centered through word and deed as we share solidarity through mutual transparency, accountability and responsibility.

~ Support sustainable partnership communities through the connection and facilitation of mutual sharing of gifts, talents, needs, and resources.

~ Continue to seek personal and spiritual growth at the local level as we work together to enhance the Spiritual, Educational, & Health Care dimensions with our partnership.